What is this?

Kurator (Norwegian for Curator, from Latin: curare, meaning “to take care”) is a group podcast for and by people who want more interesting thoughts and ideas into their heads, but can’t find all the best stuff in the world all by them selves and can’t always be bothered to sit in front of a screen to get it. So we watch some talks, interviews, etc and post the best of the best here for each other to enjoy while doing other things. And hopefully you can get something out of it too.

You might think of this as a new twist on the grand old tradition of link blogs like Boing Boing, Laughing Squid and Kottke.org. If you enjoy what we post here you should have a look at our list of recommended traditional podcasts.

When are you posting?

We just live our lives, and whenever we find something we think is worthy of your time we post it here. That might be once a week or once a month, who knows? Who cares, you don’t have to check back manually anyway. Just subscribe in your favorite podcast app and forget it until you get some knowledge or profundity, insight or humor delivered straight to your ear.

Send us a recommendation

If you have any recommendations for what we should post, please shoot us a message.

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