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Some of them need your support to survive. If you’re going to buy any of the mentioned services or products anyway, we hope you will do it through these links. Most sources of information and entertainment today are owned by huge corporations, with a lot of money and power, and vested interest in the things they talk about, or choose not to talk about. Many podcasts are a great exception. By going through these links you can help them stay alive and independent and become even better! Thank you.

Climate / Environment
Name Feed Support Note
Grønnhetstyranniet Feed Norwegian
Psychology / Better thinking
Name Feed Support Note
You are not so smart Feed Great Courses Plus, Exo protein bars, Squarespace (Use code SOSMART for 10% off)
Rationality – From AI to Zombies Feed
Freakonomics Radio Feed Donate
Digital politics / Human rights on the internet
Name Feed Support Note
Cory Doctorow Feed
Steal This Show Feed
Copy This Feed
Fiction / Entertainment
Name Feed Support Note
Myths and Legends Feed
Methods of Rationality Feed
Name Feed Support Note
CrashCourse Feed Video
Kurzgesagt Feed Video
Sam Harris Feed
TED Radio Hour Feed