Jane Goodall – Sowing the seeds of hope

Jane Goodall – Sowing the seeds of hope

Jane Goodall with Cow and Mr. H at Concordia University

Each and every one of us makes a difference, each and every day. And we have a choice: What kind of difference are we going to make?

From an enthusiastic child, encouraged by her mother, to a woman who would not take “science is for men” for an answer, to a world changing scientist and science communicator – Jane Goodall’s story is fascinating, and the wisdom she has picked up along the way is inspiring and hopeful.

I was first made aware of this beautiful and profound talk by Dame Goodall trough one of the many sublime videos of The Inspiration Journey (Vimeo/YouTube). If you don’t have 25 minutes to hear the whole speech, the most important parts can be experienced in a beautiful way in their video.

Please enjoy this talk first held at, and published by, Concordia University on June 19th, 2014.

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